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Crash Guard For Bike

If you compare a car's safety features to a motorcycle, there isn’t much to compare to. Motorcycles do not come equipped with airbags or seatbelts. According to a study, in case of an accident, the fatality rate of motorcyclists is 29 times that of car passengers.


Hence, in the case of an accident, it is best to ensure you and your bike are safe. One way to do so would be to equip your motorcycle with a bike crash guard. As the name suggests, it is a safety equipment that keeps you and your bike from major harm in case of a crash.


Why Should You Invest In A Crash Guard For Bike

When crash guard bikes are in an accident, the crash guard will be the first thing to touch the ground. If the bike falls on the ground, its paint, engine, and other important components are kept. This can also keep your bike from sliding too far due to friction. Another reason to buy bike protection is your own safety.


Most motorcycle crash guards are primarily designed to keep your bike safe; however, they can also keep the rider safe as a by-product. If the bike falls on the rider, it can create a gap between the ground and the bike, so the rider is not crushed under the full weight of the bike.


Reasons To Buy Bike Crash Guard Online In India

  • Cost: Bike crash guard prices are generally lower online than as compared to buying offline. Additionally, we offer a price-match guarantee so you can be assured to buy at the best possible price.
  • Assurance Of Quality: You can find reviews and ratings from genuine customers when purchasing online. Highly rated products are of higher quality.
  • Premium Brands: You can find several premium brand bike crash guards on our website. These brands are known for their quality and durability. Easy Returns and Exchanges: We have a user-friendly return and exchange policy which most local shops do not offer. You can return any time within 7 days, without a hitch.
  • Discounts and Offers: When you buy bike parts from Bikester Global, you get a number of discounts and offers that help you save.
  • EMI Options: We offer an easy 3 installment, 0% processing fee EMI. You can pay one-third of the cost as a down payment when you buy the bike crash guard and the rest you can pay after 30 and 60 days respectively.
  • Convenience: Instead of going to a shop and spending your precious time finding a bike crash guard, you can order online and get doorstep delivery. Buying it online saves you from the hassle of personally going to the shop.

Crash guard is an essential part of your bike’s safety feature. If you want to ensure a safe ride for you and your precious bike, we suggest you invest in a quality crash guard. To maximize your safety and comfort, you must always wear your bike riding gear full set while you are out on your motorcycle.


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