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Riding Knee guards are worn to protect riders from impact injuries. Even at low speeds, your knees are at a very high risk in case of a fall as knees are the first impact point in most falls. The use of high quality knee guards can reduce the impact of a collision or accident. Riding Knee guards are equipped with hard shells that extend approximately 6 inches above and below the kneecap area. Hard shell brace pieces are typically made of sturdy polymer blends, fiberglass, and even carbon fiber. On the underside of each brace piece are thick, protective pads filled with a cushioning material that adjusts its shape as you flex your knee and move your leg. This ensures that even pressure and support are applied at all times, and that comfort is maximized. At Bikester Global, we have Best Riding knee Guards offering CE Certified Impact Protection from top brands like Rynox, Aspida, BBG, Mototech, Fly Racing, Racer and more.