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Tail Bags For Motorcycles

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With more riders opting for motorcycles as their primary mode of transportation, the demand for motorcycle tail bags has seen a noticeable increase. Tail bags act as motorcycle luggage carriers and provide additional storage space, allowing riders to carry their belongings without compromising on luggage or the motorcycle's aesthetics.


Tail bags for bikes can be made from various durable materials such as ABS plastic, waterproof nylon, or shell materials like fibreglass or aluminium. They are available in various styles and sizes, meaning they can be installed on various vehicles and may require modification.


Typically secured to the rear seat or luggage rack of a motorcycle, tail bag for bike are more comfortable to use. They come with a proper mounting system that attaches the bag securely to the luggage rack or passenger seat. 


A] Key Features Of Tail Bags For Bikes

1. Size

Available in different sizes, you can choose one depending on your requirements. If you are a rider who requires a significant amount of storage, opt for large tail bags, whereas if you’re planning for a short trip, go for a small tail bag.


2. Waterproof

Always consider choosing a waterproof tail bag or pannier for your motorcycle to safeguard your belongings from inclement weather. Some brands even offer a rain cover along with the tail bag to provide an additional layer of protection.


3. Mounting System

Tail bags come with different attachment methods such as clips, straps, or hooks to easily attach to the bike. Some motorcycles have a permanent mounting system, which prevents your stuff from getting stolen.


4. Stability

Read the guide carefully or have the tail bag professionally fitted to prevent any mistakes. If your tail bag starts wobbling during a ride, it may cause a mishap. So once you’re done attaching a tail bag, give it a test ride and evaluate if there are any knots, then fix them.


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