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Panniers for Bikes

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Bike Panniers For Motorycyles In India


Do you enjoy road trips but struggle with carrying things on your bike?  Then bike panniers are for you. A bike pannier box> is typically attached over your bike wheels, whether in the front, back, or both. You can use front panniers for clothes during bike tours and rear panniers for storing food and bike tools. The frames bear the load and prevent the bags from interfering with the spokes.


Panniers for bikes> come in waterproof options or can be equipped with external covers to safeguard your belongings from dirt, dust and rain. Bike panniers make handling your belongings super easy, whether on a short trip or a longer adventure.


A] Few More Reasons Why You Should Install A Pannier Box For Bike

1. Security

There are different types of panniers available in the market. Some panniers have lock systems, zippers and different compartments which allow to keep precious items safe and add an extra layer of security.


2. Versatility

Some panniers are available in a bag structure, which can be easily detached from a bike and used as a shoulder bag which makes it versatile for different events such as hiking or a day at a beach.


3. Organizing

As said earlier, many modern panniers come with multiple compartments and pouches which helps to organise items efficiently, ensuring everything is easily accessible and found when needed.


4. Carrying Extra Load

The primary usage of pannier is to provide additional storage. Ideal for long journeys, they offer a practical solution for transporting essentials such as food, water, and camping gear.


5. Increasing Comfort 

Bike panniers are designed to evenly distribute weight across the bicycle, preventing strain on the rider's back and shoulders. With panniers, you can say goodbye to the discomfort of carrying a heavy backpack and welcome a better experience.


6. Protection 

Panniers not only carry your belongings but also keep them safe. Whether it's keeping electronics dry during rain or preventing food from overheating, panniers provide a protective shield.


B] Features To Look For Before Buying A Pannier


1. Robust Build 

When it comes to panniers, rugged construction is key. These bags bear the brunt of carrying heavy loads day in and day out. To ensure durability, look for panniers with reinforced stitching, sturdy grommets (metal fasteners), and well-crafted bungee cord fasteners.


2. Secure Mounting

Panniers usually have a strong back to keep them firmly attached to the bike rack. If a pannier doesn't have this support, it might wear out faster, and hold less stuff. Therefore it's important to have a pannier with solid backing.


3. Multiple Compartments

When selecting panniers, consider those with at least 3-4 compartments for optimal organisation. While a large main pocket is standard, investing in higher-end panniers with additional pockets, including exterior and top compartments, proves beneficial.


C] Some Of The Top Brands Offered By Bikester Global>

  • Mo-tek
  • Moto Arch
  • Auto Engina
  • Moto Vanguard 
  • Guardian Gears

D] Why Choose Bikester Global Shop?


Bikester Global offers a wide variety of Bike Panniers for both seasoned bikers and inexperienced riders. Our Bike Panniers are renowned for their exceptional quality, ensuring durability even in challenging weather conditions. With a wide range of products available at Bikester Global Shop you can find the panniers that match your style, and buy motorcycle luggage that suits your budget and has your desired features.


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