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Bike Chain Sprocket

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Bike Chain Sprocket

The bike chain sprockets are a crucial part of your bike that connects the engine and the wheel. It is partly responsible for moving the bike forward by transferring the engine’s power to the rear wheel. Maintaining its quality can positively impact performance and handling.


The motorcycle chain sprocket does not have any layer over it and is exposed to the elements, like dirt, pebbles, heat, and rain. This paired with the natural wear and tear caused by friction can damage the equipment. This can cause balance and handling issues and lead to accidents.


To avoid this, it is crucial to maintain the bike chain sprocket regularly and change it if it has gotten old or rusted. Good quality bike chain sprocket can keep you safe and comfortable during long rides. If your bike’s chain and sprocket are not up to the mark, they will start slipping. This will abruptly stop your bike in the ride, even if you are at high speeds.


Quality bike chain sprockets are very durable and easy to change. When replacing the chain and sprocket, it is usually a good idea to of them together. When you buy bike parts together, it ensures the chain and sprocket are compatible with each other and also promotes your bike’s longevity. But if one of the existing components is faulty or broken and the other one is like new, buying them individually makes more sense.


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  • Material: Choose from a wide range of materials such as brass and stainless steel. Each type of material has its own unique strengths.

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